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Hello to all of you who have been cheering Last Memories. This is Kumon from enish.

Our third public sale, the 'Land First Phase Sale,' held from June 20th to 26th, has successfully sold out! We want to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who considered and purchased.

In this game, where dungeon exploration is the main activity, land and land dungeons play a crucial role. We hope our earliest landowners thoroughly enjoy their experience.

Once again, we'd like to introduce our AMA about land. It provides a clear overview to help you understand it better.

This week we will continue to discuss development progress and bug tickets.

This week we completed development of the Tutorial, Union Dungeon, and Wallet. With this, we have finally completed development on all items that we had targeted to be implemented at the time of release!

We also completed the development of two types of event features that were originally planned to be developed after the release but will now be available in the first month. For the remaining event types, as well as the ongoing development of Raid Dungeons and GvG, we will slow down the pace to focus on improving release quality.

In the case of normal game development, it is not uncommon to cut some features for release in order to prioritize the schedule. However, in this case, because of the blockchain aspect of the game, we were able to complete the entire development process as planned.

Cutting features would mean the in-game economy would be smaller than designed, directly impacting the scale of the Play-to-Earn experience and the balance of token and NFT supply and demand.

To avoid this at all costs, we decided not to compromise and complete everything. We are in the final stretch and ask for your patience for a few more weeks.

Now, here are the usual item lists and notes.

All items are complete.

Union dungeons have been completed and development is underway for raid dungeons to be implemented after release.

The tutorial is complete! We are continuing development on GvG, which is scheduled to be implemented after the release.

Events 1 and 2 are complete. We have also finished the wallet and help sections.

Development Progress Graph

Bug Tickets

Last week, a certain number of bug tickets were issued due to the progress of QA related to the Union Dungeon, Tutorial, Land, and store merchandise.

In terms of the total number, the number seems to have decreased only slightly (i.e., the pace of digestion seems slow), but the percentage of bug tickets with high priority for handling (tickets for more serious bugs) itself has been dropping steadily.

Since not all bug tickets will be processed by the time of release, we have prepared to show you the quantity of bug tickets by priority level from this week.

Bug Ticket Breakdown

Breakdown by Status

Due to activity over the weekend, we have accumulated some tickets pending verification. This should be resolved within a few days, returning to normal ratios.

Breakdown by Priority (only those not yet started are extracted)

Since this is a new item added this week, let me provide some additional explanation.

We categorize bugs by priority, ranging from minor issues to critical ones, and address them accordingly. Generally, we handle them in order of priority. Currently, there are just under 200 unaddressed bug tickets, with about half being high-priority (S level or above).

From this point forward, while it is important to address the remaining issues, it is even more crucial to improve the quality and accuracy of testing to uncover potential bugs.

Priority Levels and Definitions:

SS Items that impact development, testing, and balance checks, and must be addressed with the highest priority.
S Items that must be addressed before the release.
A Items that do not affect the release decision but should be addressed if possible.
B Items to address if there is additional capacity.
C Items that can be addressed after the release.
Unset Newly added items or memo-like items.

That's all for this week's update.

We have completed the development of all the items we aimed to implement by the end of June. From here on, the focus will be on improving quality. Over the next few weeks, we will be diligently addressing bugs and refining level design.

If you have any feedback, comments, or messages of support, please feel free to share them with us!

[De:lithe Last Memories] Feedback Form

Thank you for your continued cheering for Last Memories.

Executive Producer
Yoshiyuki Kumon