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Hello to all of you who have been cheering Last Memories. This is Kumon from enish.

As many of you may already know, last Thursday, June 20th, we started the third public sale, the "First Phase Land Sale." In this sale, we are offering in-game land (Land) in the form of NFTs. We are extremely grateful that 227 out of 228 plots were sold almost immediately.

Please also check out the banner, which has a real estate theme to match the nature of the sale!

The remaining plot is an "SSS" plot. While it's in a higher price range and not an easy recommendation, we've designed it to greatly enhance your gaming experience. If you have the means, please consider it.

Visit the sale site here:

Additionally, we've already held three AMAs about the land. We provided explanations about the NFT land to the members of Otalab, JGG, and Crypto Meteor City. If you want to learn more about the NFT land, please check them out.

Now, let's go over this week's development progress and bug tickets.

Since last week, we have been prioritizing the "development of items that need to be implemented before release" and "bug ticket resolution." Starting this week, we plan to further accelerate our response to bugs.

The items we were able to complete this week are as follows:

  • PvP
  • Land

These two tasks took a considerable amount of time, but we finally finished them!

Here are the main remaining tasks and their progress:

Union Dungeon

The basic features are done. We're now working on letting non-union members join, handling cases with too many participants, and fixing issues like communication errors and inconsistencies.


We're working on import/export and ADP processing, but they’re not finished yet. Both server and client work are happening at the same time, and we aim to complete this by the end of the week.


We've organized a few pending issues and are now connecting various features. The battle tutorial is almost complete, but since some specs have been updated, we're adjusting the tutorial to match the latest battle version.

Please see the item list and notes below.

This one is the same as usual. Completed.

We are focusing on exception handling for the Union Dungeon, aiming to complete it by the release.

PvP is completed! And after a long journey, the tutorial is nearing completion with only a few remaining tasks.

Land is completed! However, due to the upcoming events that will be released sequentially after launch, there are still many items marked in orange. We are currently focusing on the implementation of the wallet for the release.

Development Progress Graph

Bug Tickets

This week, as with last week, the ongoing QA for PvP resulted in the issuance of a large number of bug tickets. PvP involves multiplayer and competitive elements, and includes various additional rules and reward systems such as leagues and ranking points. This means there are many different components to implement and a large number of items to check. However, we managed to fix most of the issued bug tickets by the end of last week and even reduced the total number of tickets. Please take a look at the slope of the yellow graph.

Additionally, another notable feature of the bug tickets other than PvP were the large number of Web3-related tickets, such as Wallet and ADP. Some of the items have not yet completed development, but to avoid wasting time, we are checking them one by one starting with the completed functional items.

Regarding the breakdown, there hasn't been a significant change compared to last week.

You might not notice any major trends in our weekly reports. However, new items are added to the pending verification list daily, most of which are resolved by the next day, and then new items take their place. Everything except for the "Not Started" items is constantly being cycled through.

That's all for this week's update.

With about a month left until the release, we are allocating development resources to reduce bug tickets while simultaneously working on the remaining tasks. We are in the final sprint and doing our best to complete everything.

We would be thrilled to receive messages of support for our development team.

"De:lithe Last Memories" Feedback Form

This week, we also have new music releases from avex trax, which we’re excited about! We hope you enjoy the new tracks as well.

Thank you for your continued cheering for Last Memories.

Executive Producer
Yoshiyuki Kumon