De:Lithe Last Memories

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As a sequel to the smartphone game app "De:Lithe - The True King of Oblivion and the Angel of Meiyaku", which has been downloaded over 9.2 million in total, the game system has been revamped.

It has also been transformed into a blockchain game and reborn as De:Lithe Last Memories.


Play better, Earn more Play better, Earn more

De:Lithe Last Memories brings forth an innovative NFT game with the core concept of "Play better, Earn more," offering an unparalleled and enjoyable experience.


On that day, Tokyo collapsed.
Scattered across the city center were the 'mirrors'—gateways to another world.
A "DOLL unit" is formed to restore the collapsed city.

DOLLs," a unit of beautiful girls The "DOLLs" are attractive girls with rich personalities who play an active role in this work. Each of them has a "wish" based on their experiences, and they work daily in the "DOLL Unit" to realize their "wish. The main storyline, which centers on the "collapse" of Tokyo, and the character episodes of each of the girls makes the game even more attracktive.

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Each time you step inside, you'll face off against loads of enemies and tricky traps. Will you make it out with all the loot, or will you lose it all? It's all about the thrill of the fight, so dive in and enjoy the excitement!


As you progress through the dungeon, your characters will continue to grow and develop. You can save multiple characters that you have developed, and they will play an active role in versus battles and raid bosses. Dive into the excitement of quick growth in this roguelike game!

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These are characters that play an active role in the battles in the game. They are separated by battle styles, such as attacker and healer, and have different roles and skill tendencies, including various parameters and specialties.

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These are items that can be equipped on each DOLL to enhance their abilities. They are divided into different parts such as weapons, headgear, body armor, arms, legs, and accessories, each of which can be equipped separately.


Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)
Both DOLLs and equipment are issued as NFTs. NFT DOLLs and NFT equipment are assigned an 'Earn Power' based on their rarity, with higher Earn Power resulting in greater rewards.

By holding NFTs and completing quests, you can obtain GEEKBOXes containing tokens. Even without holding NFTs, you can earn tokens from the reward pool based on your performance in PvP or GvG. Additionally, you can sometimes obtain NFT DOLLs or NFT equipment from rare Engraved Boxes.

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Building a sustainable economy where token value is protected, based on the philosophy of "Play better, Earn more."

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