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In 2014, on a particular day,

Tokyo collapsed.

It marked anunprecedented disaster in human history

with the city center overrun by an alien life form.

To reclaim the fallen Tokyo

the DOLL Squadwas formed to retrieve it.

A story of girls who throw themselves into the battle for the reconstruction of Tokyo.

Tokyo in the near future has been destroyed by the "Great Collapse" and a "Gate" to another world where monsters are rampant has appeared. The player becomes a commander, trains a group of girls called the "DOLL Squad" and goes into battle with them. Mysterious dreams, the mystery of the Gate, and the wishes of the girls. The story of the reconstruction of Tokyo and the girls' wishes are intertwined.

Episode 0 the First Chapter released

The prequel to the main story, Episode 0, is now available for viewing! The ordinary life of Sana Godai took a dramatic turn. With Logios, DOLLs, squad leaders, and conflicting personalities. And encounters in the unknown world of "Elysian." This is the story of Sana Godai's journey to becoming a DOLL.