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Hello to all of you who have been cheering Last Memories. This is Kumon from enish.

We have announced the official release date in our newsletter. We have received many messages directly and on SNS, both scolding us for the delay and encouraging us in our development work.

We believe that the reason we are receiving all of these messages is because of the high expectations we have for the project. Once again, we are determined to move forward with our development work and marketing initiatives with renewed vigor.

Now, let me share this week's development progress.

Development Progress

This week, we completed the server-side work for Event 3.

The following items are nearing completion:


The unique rule set for PvP, called the "Shrine Gimmick," is nearly done. We are currently in the final stages of verification and adjustments for the overall PvP system. We plan to showcase this in this week's live stream.


We were almost done, but some ADP-related processes were out of scope, and we are working on adding them.


Similarly, while nearing completion, we identified some necessary tasks that were missed and are now working on these.

Additionally, the following items are also nearing completion and are actively being developed:

Union Dungeon

We are gathering development members to accelerate work on the "Union Dungeon" (maximum of 50 players + maximum of 10 reinforcement players), which is one of the battle-based contents at the time of release that will allow a large number of players to participate.


As more development tasks are completed, we have started final adjustments.

Please review the list and notes below.

Completed, no changes.

We are continuing to develop the Raid Dungeon and have increased resources for the Union Dungeon.

We are making adjustments to the tutorial.

The server-side work for Event 3 is complete. Additional tasks for the Wallet and Land are currently being addressed.

Development Progress Graph

Bug Tickets

Last week, the number of bug tickets completed was high enough, but since we focused on QA for multiplayer and PvP, the amount of bug tickets added was also high, and the graph shows a flat trend. However, the total number of SE (sound effect) related tickets reported last week was reduced by 50-60 as a result of the consolidation of the tickets.

Looking ahead, as major features like the Wallet and Union Dungeon are completed, we anticipate fluctuations in the number of bug tickets. Since we are creating tickets for even minor issues, the total number of bug tickets is expected to temporarily rise. To prepare for the release, we aim to accelerate the resolution pace by increasing development resources and organizing bug tickets.

That's all for this week's development progress.

We look forward to continuing to hear your questions, comments, and messages of support.

"De:lithe Last Memories" Feedback Form

Thank you for your continued cheering for Last Memories.

Executive Producer
Yoshiyuki Kumon