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Hello everyone, This is Kumon from enish.

I am writing this special letter to talk about the official release date of the game.

First, to get straight to the point, we have decided to move the release date of Last Memories, which was previously set for "June 2024", to "Thursday, July 25, 2024".

To those of you who purchased NFT DOLLs in the presale and are looking forward to the release date, we apologize for the delay from the previously announced date.

This decision was made after two weeks of deliberation and contemplation on what the best course of action should be. We hope for your understanding and forgiveness.

Below, I will explain the reasons behind this decision.

The release date of the game is determined by two major factors: "development progress" and "marketing". For the game business to succeed, it is essential to develop a high-quality game and to attract a sufficient number of players through marketing efforts.

When considering the "June release," we believe that the development work is progressing at a pace that allows us to meet this timeline. We have allocated resources to address bug tickets and have established a system to reduce them.

Therefore, in terms of "Can we release in June?" the answer is "YES", and even when considering ensuring the quality, the final week of June is a realistic schedule.

Meanwhile, looking at the game market, several other companies' game titles are scheduled for release between May and July.

All are strong games with significant development resources and marketing costs invested by established game companies, and we have always kept a close eye on these other companies' titles, especially for the months of May and July.

Based on the current development progress, we do not want to release Last Memories earlier than the third week of June in order to guarantee quality, and a release at the end of June is a reasonable line. This would mean releasing it close to another company's title in early July.

This situation is also undesirable because the release of highly advertised game titles in quick succession can disrupt the advertising market (causing acquisition costs to soar beyond acceptable limits), making it difficult to attract users as planned.

We should avoid releasing the game close to competing titles (those likely to spend heavily on advertising), ideally spacing our release at least two weeks before or after early July. Therefore, we have decided to set the release date to Thursday, July 25, 2024.

While the game's content and quality are crucial, attracting players is equally important for success. Announcing delays repeatedly is truly painful, but we believe that having a large number of players enjoy the game is essential from both the Web2 and Web3 perspectives.

We kindly ask for your understanding and continued support.

Last Memories Executive Producer
Yoshiyuki Kumon