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Hello to all of you who have been cheering Last Memories! This is Kumon from enish.

For those of you who have been following our development newsletter, you may be thinking, “What's this all about? But the other day, we reintroduced the game with the theme of "What is Last Memories?"

Even if you are already familiar with the game, please take a look at it for a refresher! With three voice actors joining us, we had a lively session showcasing the game!

Last Memories Livestream ~Gameplay Edition~
(Starts at 00:17:39)

The release is finally in sight. This week, we completed the foundational event implementation. Major tasks left include PvP, Land, Union Dungeon, and Wallet integration, all nearing completion. We are also intensifying bug fixes.

We aim to announce the release date soon.

Now, here’s this week’s development progress.

Development Progress

As I mentioned earlier, here is a summary of our progress in a list format:

All items here are completed.

We are continuing development on the two remaining items.

We are also continuing development on each of these items.

Last week, we completed the foundational event implementation. As for the Glory War, it is still under 'system design.' I will explain the current situation in the next section.

Development Stories

This week, I’d like to share some insights and considerations about the development of the Glory War (GVG), which hasn't been clearly detailed in previous updates. This is a bit long-winded, so please take a look when you have a moment.

The basic rules for the Glory War (GVG) are set as follows:

  • Battle Format: Up to 50 vs. 50 players
  • Duration: Maximum of 30 minutes (ends when victory conditions are met)
  • Victory Conditions: The leader must capture and hold the opponent’s core for a certain time
  • Failure Conditions: Staggering, knockback, status ailments, or being rendered unable to act (HP 0) resets the hold count

These core rules are designed to be flexible, with maps and in-game gimmicks adding variety to strategies and gameplay.

Initially, we plan to release one type of map. This map is fairly large, reminiscent of a MOBA game. In its greybox model, cones represent auto-attacking objects, and arches represent gates that must be destroyed to pass through. Different maps and in-game gimmicks will create diverse strategies and gameplay styles.

During test play in this model, we encountered the following issues:

The path is too narrow

It is difficult to make use of the many range-based skills in the game, and it does not match the direction of skill growth. When playing with 50 players on each side, it may cause a traffic jam.

Players tend to die except for the central breakthrough route

If the central gate is taken down, there are no other strategic options, making the game less dynamic.

The map is too big

When playing with 10-20 players, it is difficult to cover the whole map. It takes too much time to return after failing to conquer the enemy's core and dying, which slows down the overall tempo of the game.

Based on the feedback discussed above, we have reconsidered and redesigned the map.

Currently, we only have a hand-drawn version on a whiteboard, so please use your imagination as you review it.

Compact the Entire Map

The size of the map is about 20 seconds if it moves in a straight line from the left edge to the right edge without any obstacles. The tempo of offense and defense is supposed to be adjusted to be about the same as that of a soccer game.

Eliminate All Walls

We tried to make the most of the freedom of movement. On the other hand, the lack of walls leaves all objects bare. It is important to create various offensive and defensive camps by utilizing various skills.

For example, you could combine skills such as stonewall, firewall, and bog to inhibit infiltration, or utilize various summoned monsters to effectively operate with a smaller number of units.

Placement of Randomly Selected Defense Units

The four circles in front of the core and the circle near the center are auto-attacking defense units.There are various types of units with different elements and attack patterns, and the type of unit is randomly selected at the start of the battle. After the battle starts, the defense priority of each unit and the members to be selected for the defense must be decided promptly.

The side that makes the best use of its units and efficiently attacks the opponent's units will have the advantage in the battle.

Also, for each unit lost, the time required to secure the core is reduced. How many defensive units are attacked before the core is attacked will also have a large bearing on the outcome of the game. The game requires good judgment and teamwork to attack at the very edge, while accurately assessing the difference in capabilities between your own team and the enemy team.

We are currently working on this map in the hope that it will allow both small and large guilds to enjoy the game in a way that suits their size. Please note that this is a work in progress, and the rules may be adjusted at any time.

Now, back to the explanation of bug tickets.

Bug Tickets

As the proportion of new development stabilizes, we are allocating more resources to bug fixing, resulting in an increase in the number of bug tickets resolved weekly.

The prominent red vertical bar at the right end of the graph indicates a large number of bug tickets added on June 6. These tickets pertain to issues where some sound effects (SE) do not play on various menu screens, totaling around 40 tickets. However, since they involve common functionality, they are likely to be fixed quickly.

Overall, the number of tickets is stable, but without the addition of the above tickets, we would see a decrease of about 40 tickets, indicating a downward trend.

Next, let's discuss the breakdown of bug ticket progress. This week, by prioritizing the resolution of "Pending Verification" tickets, we successfully reduced their ratio as intended (approximately a 2-point reduction compared to last week).

That's all for this week's development progress.

We’ve included an extended story of development this week. We welcome your questions, feedback, and support messages about the Glory War.

"De:lithe Last Memories" Feedback Form

Thank you for your continued cheering for Last Memories.

Executive Producer
Yoshiyuki Kumon