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Hello to all of you who have been cheering Last Memories! This is Kumon from enish.

Right now, our development team is mainly focusing on "PvP" and "Land," with a special emphasis on "Land" during last week’s live stream.

Land is a so-called “crypto asset,” and we explain it in an easy-to-understand way on the live stream so that those who have never touched crypto assets before can understand it. Please take a look when you have some time!

"Last Memories News – All About Gaming! Episode 6" | De:Lithe Last Memories Official Live Stream

Now, let me update you on this week's development progress.

Development Progress

First, here are the items we were able to complete this week

  • Land Dungeon
  • Profile
  • Story display system
  • Result scene of PvP
  • Linkage system with external accounts
  • Screen transitions

As a result, the remaining items that need to be completed before release have been narrowed down to the following.

  • PvP
  • Lands
  • Wallet
  • ADP related
  • Tutorials

Here is the current status and outlook of each item.

PvP (Almost complete!)

The general framework is complete. The only thing left to do is to set up a gimmick that will have a random effect in the battle.

Land (Almost complete!)

As shown in the live stream, the project is almost complete. What remains is the integration of effects when facility levels increase and the display of revenue logs.


Various smart contracts are being implemented.

ADP related

We are developing a batch processing mechanism to aggregate ADP held by each player.


The mechanism is all in place, but the final linkage will be made after all other development is complete. All tutorial-dependent development items will be completed at this time.

So, as always, please see the list of development items and the latest notes.

All items here are completed.

The Land Dungeon has been completed in a big way. The Raid Dungeon and Union Dungeon are still in progress, but have not yet been completed.

The profile display system, story display system, and PvP result scene are completed. The remaining item for the Arena is the implementation of gimmicks used in PvP.

There are many items in orange here, but progress is being made and the team is sharing the development work.

Please see the following graph for the progress rate.

Next, let me explain about bug tickets.

Bug Ticket

Land-related QA began in earnest last Wednesday (May 29). Due to this, a large number of bug tickets have been added. We have been solving those tickets one by one and have been able to reduce the total amount of bug tickets.

To help you better understand the progress in the future, we have decided to start publishing the "Breakdown of Bug Ticket Progress" from this week.

The bug tickets are set with the following statuses:

Not Started: Work has not yet begun
In Progress: Work has started but is not completed
Under Review: Work is completed and waiting for QA
Reversed: QA has found that the issue is not resolved or another issue has arisen
Done: The issue has been resolved

Let me provide some additional information about how to interpret the statuses.

Bug tickets that are in "Under Review" and "Reversed" have already been initially addressed, so many of them have a clear path to "Done".

On the other hand, bug tickets in the “not started” category include those that have not yet been started, or those that have been put off to be addressed because they are of low priority.

It's also possible for minor issues that can be fixed immediately to skip "In Progress" and go straight to "Under Review", so not all "Not Started" tickets are untouched. We are flexible in handling these situations, considering the time it takes even to update the tickets.

Please keep this information in mind.

That concludes the update on this week's development progress.

We continue to welcome your questions, comments, and messages of support. (The development team is always pleased to read your encouraging messages!)

『De:lithe Last Memories』Feedback Form

Thank you for your continued cheering for Last Memories.

Executive Producer
Yoshiyuki Kumon