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Hello to all of you who have been cheering Last Memories! This is Kumon from enish.

It has been hot and cool in Tokyo. How is everyone doing? Recently, I have heard that the number of patients with severe cases of "strep throat" has been increasing, and I am personally alarmed.

At enish, we have thoroughly developed a remote work environment the onset of COVID-19. Many members are working on development at home, and the number of people taking sick leave has decreased by far compared to pre-COVID times.

However, the core members who drive development, such as myself, Kubo, the art director, and key engineers, come to the office to work on development so that we can communicate in a lighthearted manner. We will continue to focus on development while taking care of infection risks.

I will continue to provide an update on the development status and bug tickets this week.

Development Progress

Mainly completed this week are the following two items

  • Daily dungeons (both server and client)
  • Land dungeon (server portion only)

Another item nearing completion is PvP, which is almost complete except for the gimmicks in battle, and is undergoing final adjustments and content confirmation. Land is also nearing the final stages of development. If we are able to complete it in time, we hope to show it to you in a live stream this week, along with PvP.

Regarding our Web3-related projects, we are currently in the final stages of developing a wallet. We are using a proven external wallet SDK to ensure security, but we have encountered issues with the authentication part. We are working closely with the company that developed the SDK to address these issues. Since this involves external collaboration and requires a high level of security, we are taking our time to ensure everything is in order.

We have commented in red on the list on items where progress has been made, including the above explanation. Please take a look.

This has all been completed.

We have successfully completed the Daily Dungeon, and the server part of the Land Dungeon, which was largely finished last week, is now complete. The remaining work is on the client side.

In last week's report, the "Battle Result" section was missing. I apologize for the oversight. Please check the information above.

The wallet is our top priority. We are currently working hard on it together with the SDK developers.

Additionally, we are progressing towards completing the Land feature. If all goes well, we might be able to show it during this week's live stream.

The progress rates are as follows:

Bug Tickets

Next, I will explain the bug tickets.

As development has progressed, the number of tickets has increased, so we have scrutinized and organized their content. Specifically, we have carried out the following tasks:

  • Scrutiny of ticket types
  • Scrutiny of duplicate tickets
  • Sorting out bugs that are related to features and content required for release and those that are not

As a result, we managed to reduce the total number of tickets by about 30%. However, because we consolidated some tickets and changed their target versions, the numbers have been adjusted retroactively. While we don't plan to do such an extensive reorganization again soon, we are continuously reviewing tickets daily. Please pay attention to the overall trends in increases and decreases rather than focusing on individual numbers.

The key point in this bug ticket report is that we are starting to see more days where the number of resolved tickets exceeds the number of new tickets. The remaining number of bug tickets, shown by the yellow line, is beginning to show a downward trend. However, this number may increase again as major development items like PvP and Land are completed and move into the QA phase.

Finally, here are the new categories of bug tickets added this week due to the start of QA:

  • Gacha
  • Multiplay
  • In-game ranking
  • Union (Guild)

That's all for this week's development progress briefing.

My personal point of concern is the land. I am hoping to get it to the point where we can show it off to everyone this week!

We continue to welcome your questions, comments and messages of support!

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Thank you for your continued cheering for Last Memories.

Executive Producer
Yoshiyuki Kumon