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Hello to all of you who have been cheering Last Memories! This is Kumon from enish.

It has been a week since our last letter explaining the development progress. Immediately following the release of the letter, the second phase of the presale sold out, and from the many comments received during AMAs and live streams, we realize that more and more people are looking forward to this title.

Apart from development, we have recently been focusing on live streams. We are delving deeper into the game and introducing it in detail, so please take a look.

Last Memories Official YouTube Account

"Last Memories News - All About Gaming! Episode 4"

Joining us are Mariya Abo, the voice actor for Nanami Kanzaki from the Fifth Unit "Dunamis," and Ayasa Goto, the voice actor for Aoi Kamijo from the Sixth Unit "Exousia."

While Abo-san has played the game several times, Goto-san is playing the game for the first time. She said that she usually plays games very often, and when we asked her to play the game, the results were surprising...!

With the introductions aside, let's move on to the main topic of progress updates. Please stay with us until the end!

Here is this week's progress summary:

  • This week, we completed the battle portion of the Arena (PvP) and the multilingualization for notifications.
  • We are nearing completion of the remaining work for PvP.
  • Development related to the wallet and land has passed the halfway point.

For the next steps, we plan to move from developing the Union Dungeon to working on the Glory War (GvG).

Below, we've included notes for each item as of today, so please check them. (The items in red have made progress to a reportable level.)

The part you saw last time as "Progress Details Part 1". It has been completed.

This part you've seen as "Progress Details Part2". There has been progress regarding the Land Dungeon.

This is the part you've seen as "Progress Details Part 3". We have completed the development of the Arena (PvP) features, and there has been progress with the profile function and battle UI.

The tutorial will be finalized after the development of various features is complete, so we plan to wrap it up just before the release.

This is the section you saw as "Progress Details Part 4". The development of wallets and lands is reaching its climax, and the situation is that we have passed the turnaround point.

The following is a summary of the category development progress.

Next, I would like to discuss bug tickets.

While the total number of tickets has been leveling off, the number of bug tickets has begun to increase due to the sequential start of QA for larger features for which development has been completed.

Since we proceed in the order of "development completed -> QA conducted", the number of bug tickets will increase as the number of completed development items increases. This is a correct form of development, so please do not worry about it.

Once development is completed, the total amount of bug tickets will start to decrease, but it will take a little longer.

That's all for this week's development progress.

Last time, as we said, give us your comments, questions, and messages of support, we received numerous messages. Thank you very much.

We look forward to continuing to receive your messages!

"De:lithe Last Memories" Feedback Form

We would like to use your feedback as a reference for development work, and we hope to answer your questions during AMAs and live contents.

Thank you for your continued cheering for Last Memories.

Executive Producer
Yoshiyuki Kumon