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The strongest DOLL in Logios, surviving the Great Collapse. She's determined to reclaim Tokyo, even if it means sacrificing herself. Because she is self-sacrificing and fearless, she is trusted by her friends. She loves superhero shows and dislikes those who only talk about impossible dreams.

She's a chill and dependable girl who stays cool in any situation. As the second-in-command of Unit 1, she might come off a bit mysterious, but everyone loves how easygoing and open she is. She's got this strong desire to show she's the best and is always up for a good fight with tough opponents.

She loves taking care of others, especially cute younger girls, and often spoils Komari. She can handle a variety of tasks in battles, from support to attack, and enjoys being someone others rely on. She knows a lot about science, especially engineering, and is a geek who loves studying new technologies. She joined Logios to learn about various technologies from the Gate, and when faced with unfamiliar tech, her big sister character often shows.

She's a hard worker and likes to think things through carefully. She specializes in support, effectively assisting her teammates, but it's all business for the mission. Some people might see her as a bit distant at times, but she doesn't really mind. Her twin sister Suzuha means the world to her, and she won't tolerate anyone hindering that love. Her only wish is Suzuha's happiness, and when she joined, she said, 'If it guarantees my and my sister's happiness in the future, I'll join.

She's really talented and has a great sense of combat, on par with other members of Unit 1. While she may face challenges due to less experience and mental strength than her teammates, her natural instincts help her overcome them. She has a strong need for approval and often makes "praise appeals" to those around her. She loves Wakana, who praises and supports her at all times. Her wish is to have everything. She is not afraid to profess this vague wish, but she does not really know how to make it come true.

She, just like her sister, is a real go-getter and takes the lead when it comes to missions. With impressive combat skills, she effortlessly handles everything, but sometimes she tends to push herself a bit too hard, which raises concerns among her teammates. Her main focus is on ensuring the happiness of her twin sister, Kotoha. Despite Kotoha's reserved nature and Suzuha's more proactive approach, the twins manage to coordinate well. When joining the team, Suzuha pursued her wish to "guarantee her sister's happiness.